Can I Automate Importing from Amazon?

You can import from Amazon to Woocommerce as often as you like, without removing any previously imported products, but it is a manual process that can not be automated. Click the following link to read more about the import process for Amazon: Import from Amazon

Can WP-Lister for Amazon automatically run imports at set intervals?

There is an option to request an process an Merchant Inventory Report on a daily basis, which can be used to automatically update prices and stock levels from Amazon to WooCommerce. If any new products have been added on Amazon, these will be added to the import queue in WP-Lister as well, but the actual import process has to be triggered manually. Importing new products from Amazon automatically is currently not possible.

Can WP-Lister stay in sync with changes I make directly in Seller Central?

Amazon doesn't notify WP-Lister when there is a change on their side. As a WordPress plugin, WP-Lister is aware of everything that changes within WordPress such as editing a product or placing an order. For WP-Lister to know about changes on Amazon, it would have to pull this information from Amazon, either through their API or by requesting and downloading reports.

While the API works for fetching the latest orders, it doesn't tell WP-Lister which products were most recently edited. That would require processing a full inventory report, which is a process that requires too many resources to run sufficiently as a background task. Unlike web based services running on third party servers, a WordPress plugin is limited in regards to memory and execution time. If your workflow requires you to update your products in seller central on a regular basis and you need those changes to be imported into WooCommerce automatically, then WP-Lister for Amazon is not the right solution for you.

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