Import products from Amazon

Import from inventory report

If your products are already listed using your Amazon seller account, you can easily import them to WooCommerce by processing an inventory report by following these steps: 

  1. Visit Amazon » Import and request a new Merchant Inventory Report
  2. When the report has been generated, click Preview
  3. Process the report
  4. Import your products

The import process will automatically try to find existing products in WooCommerce for each SKU. If a product with a matching SKU is found, this product will be linked to your listing on Amazon. If a matching product is not found in Woocommerce, these Amazon products will be created in Woocommerce and connected to the matching SKU on Amazon.

When processing an inventory report, you can also select whether you want existing WooCommerce products to have their price and/or quantity updated.

Note: If you import FBA items your imported products and listings will show as out of stock until an FBA Inventory Report is processed. Visit the Reports page and click "Process Report" on the most recent FBA Amazon Fulfilled Inventory Report to do so after the import process is completed. See how FBA inventory is managed by WP-Lister for more details.

Import by ASIN

On the Import page you'll also find the option to Import by ASIN. This feature allows you to import any Amazon product by simply entering its ASIN in the text area. 

However, you should only use this option to import products which do not already exist in your inventory on Seller Central. To import your own products, you need to process an inventory report as explained above, which is the only way to import your SKUs, prices and stock levels. 

When importing by ASIN, price and quantity will be left empty, so in order to actually create an offer on Amazon, you need to add price and quantity in WooCommerce first. 

In addition, the ASIN will be used as the SKU by default - so in order to use your own SKU, you need to update this in WooCommerce as well, but you need to do so before the product is actually listed because you can not change the SKU for an existing listing.

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