What happens when I update a product in WooCommerce?

When you update a WooCommerce product that is currently listed on Amazon, the listing status will change to “changed” at Amazon » Listings and a new pending feed will be created at Amazon » Feeds – which will be sent to Amazon automatically based on the “Update interval” you set at Amazon » Settings. There is no extra step required to revise all changed items like there is in WP-Lister for eBay.

We highly suggest to set the update interval to 5 minutes – or use an external cron job which runs every 5 minutes. This ensures that there a no long delays in submitting feeds – but keep in mind that there is no instant feedback from Amazon, you always have to wait until the feed has been processed to see if there were errors or warnings.

To speed up the process, you can always manually submit a feed and check for processing results on Amazon » Feeds. You can also check the feed content before it’s submitted on that page to see if everything is correct.

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