Why are my WooCommerce product images not updated on Amazon?

When you update a product in WooCommerce which was matched by ASIN or imported from Amazon, product images and other details are not part of the update feed that’s generated.

The reason is that imported and matched items don’t have a listing profile assigned by default, so WP-Lister uses the generic (not category specific) ListingLoader feed template, which only contains basic inventory information like quantity, price and condition but no columns for images.

To include product specific details like images, bullet points and category specific product attributes in your feeds, you need to assign a listing profile to your imported products. Select the appropriate feed template for your products and set it up as if you were listing new products on Amazon.

Product images don’t appear in the profile editor, because they are handled internally by WP-Lister. But only the category specific feed template can have information about product images – the generic Listing Loader template does not have these columns.

Offer Images (aka Condition Images)
In addition to the product images shown on the actual listing page, Amazon allows you to upload images documenting the condition of a particular used item on its Offers page. An example of these offer images can usually be seen here.
Offer images can only be submitted in a ListingLoader feed. To have WP-Lister automatically include your product images from WooCommerce as offer images in all ListingLoader feeds, simply enable the "Offer Images" option on the advanced settings page. (available in WP-Lister Pro or better)
Please keep in mind that offer images will only appear for listings in certain conditions (used items) and for listings in a limited number of categories. You can find more information on offer images at here. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions to improve this feature or its documentation.

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