Listing existing products on Amazon

Listing products which already exist on the Amazon website is quite easy as they already have an ASIN and Amazon already knows about all the product details. 

You only need to let Amazon know the ASIN of the product you want to offer - by the matching process described below - and make sure your product has a unique SKU, quantity and price set.

How do I match my WooCommerce product to an existing item on Amazon?

The easiest way to match your WooCommerce product to existing Amazon products is the magnifier icon you see on the WooCommerce Products page – click it, paste the ASIN in the search field and select the found product. There will be a new listing with status matched generated, which will be submitted to Amazon at the configured update interval.

Instead of using the magnifier icon, you can also use the “Match on Amazon” entry in the admin toolbar menu whenever you are on a single product page – both from your website and WooCommerce.

How to match variable products?

If your product is a variable product, each variation needs to have its own ASIN assigned, so in this case you have to visit the edit product page and select an item / ASIN from Amazon for each variation. 

Matching products - step by step instructions
  1. Visit your WooCommerce Products page
  2. Click on the magnifier icon on the right - next to the product you want to list
  3. Select the matching Amazon product from the list of search results
  4. Visit Amazon » Feeds – there should be a new pending feed
  5. Wait until the feed has been submitted – or submit the pending feed by clicking submit feed
  6. Check if there were any warnings or errors after the feed has been processed

Steps 4 - 6 are optional and only to make sure nothing went wrong when submitting the feed.

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