I don't want to use sale prices for Amazon

If there is a sale price set in WooCommerce, WP-Lister will automatically use this sale price in any listing feed.

To use sale prices on your WooCommerce site and send only the regular prices to Amazon, you have to tell WP-Lister to leave the sale_price column empty in your feeds. 

Note: If you have already sent sale prices to Amazon, you need to send a sale end date in the past to remove them though.

How to not send sale prices

Search for the sale price field in your listing profile, remove its current value, click the magnifier icon and select "-- leave empty --".

This will insert the shortcode [---], telling WP-Lister that you want this field intentionally to be left blank.

How to remove existing sale prices

The only way to remove previously defined sale prices is to submit a feed where the sale end date is in the past:

All three columns have to be populated, so a sale price has to be sent as well although it will be ignored anyway. That's why the above example sends the regular price as sale price - which is what WP-Lister for Amazon sends by default since version to be able to remove previously sent sale prices.

Remove Sale Prices for Matched Listings

The above assumes that you are using a listing profile for your listings. But if you have matched your listings to existing products on Amazon, your listings will likely not have a listing profile. Unfortunately the option "How to remove existing sale prices" above does not work with a ListingLoader feed but only category specific feeds. 

So in this case you will need to create a listing profile, select the "ListingLoader" feed, fill out any blank required fields and set all three profile fields (Sale Price, Sale Start Date, Sale End Date) to [---] by clicking the magnifying glass and clicking "Leave Empty". Lastly assign this listing profile to the matched listings on the listings page for the listings you wish to not have a sale price.

Please note that this will not remove previously set sale prices from Amazon, it will only prevent WP-Lister from sending sale prices to Amazon. If your products already have sale prices set and you want to remove them, you can do so from seller central.

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