Why are changes to my imported products not updated on Amazon?

When you update a product in WooCommerce which was matched by ASIN or imported from Amazon, product images and other details are not part of the update feed that’s generated.

That is because imported and matched items don’t have a listing profile assigned by default, so WP-Lister uses the generic (not category specific)  ListingLoader feed template to keep your prices and stock levels. A ListingLoader feed can only contain basic inventory information like quantity, price and condition but is has no columns for images, description or other product details.

To include product specific details like images, bullet points and category specific product attributes in your feeds, you need to assign a  listing profile to your imported products. Select the appropriate feed template for your products and set it up as if you were listing new products on Amazon.

If your products did already exist in WooCommerce and you used the import from Amazon feature to connect your Amazon listings with your WooCommerce products by SKU, it might not be possible to use a category specific listing feed without some adjustments to your products. Amazon will return an error if the data you sent for a specific SKU does not match the data they have on file for that SKU / ASIN - for example when the Brand attribute is different or missing in WooCommerce.

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