Updating WooCommerce products by processing a report

When you  Import products from Amazon by processing an inventory report, WP-Lister will automatically try to find existing products in WooCommerce for each SKU. 

If a matching SKU is found, this WooCommerce product will be linked to your listing on Amazon - in which case it will not fetch any additional information that is not present in the report.

You can run the import process as often as you like - to import new products you added on Amazon or to update specific product details like price or quantity. 

However, WP-Lister will only fetch  all available data when it's actually creating new products in WooCommerce - so processing a report can not update product description or images which you might have changed on Amazon. 

Which product details are updated in WooCommerce depends on the Report Processing Options you have set:

Tick the checkboxes to update stock levels and prices if you want these to be overwritten in WooCommerce using the values from the report you are processing. You can also update item conditions (new / used) from a report if these should have changed on Amazon.

The  Create all variations option only applies to importing new listings. It controls whether the import process will create all the variations available on Amazon for a particular product. With this option disabled, it will only create the variations that exist in your inventory report (which is usually what you want).

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