Can I import only a subset of my Amazon inventory?

As of version you can import only selected products from your Merchant Inventory Report. Simply click the Select rows to process button on the import preview page and select the items to import in the table below, which shows a maximum of 100 rows but you can filter the shown products as well.

Another options is to process the entire report and either delete unwanted products in WooCommerce, or set their Visibility option to hidden.

Please do not use the Import by ASIN option to import your own inventory - it should only be used for  other sellers products, not the inventory you have already listed on seller central.

In order to properly import your products, WP-Lister for Amazon needs to process a Merchant Inventory Report. When you use the Import by ASIN option, it will not process your report but only fetch publicly available data from Amazon via their API - resulting in different prices and SKUs assigned to the imported products. (This will be improved in a future update.)

We receive a lot of requests to be able to import only items from a specific product category, but unfortunately the category is not included in a merchant report, which is why there is no simple way to filter by category. Contact us if you want to filter the items to import by your own custom PHP function.

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