Create new products on Amazon

Creating new products on Amazon might seem to be a complicated task at first since Amazon requires many details for each new product to be filled in. However, once you got your first listing profile set up and working, it will save you a lot of time in the future.


Step by Step instructions

Follow these steps to create new catalog pages on Amazon based on your WooCommerce products:

  1. Visit your WooCommerce Products page
  2. Tick the checkbox next to each product you want to list
  3. Select List on Amazon from the bulk actions drop down and click Apply
  4. Select a listing profile
  5. Check the prepared listings if everything looks all right
  6. Visit Amazon » Feeds – there should be a new pending feed
  7. Wait until the feed has been submitted – or submit the pending feed by clicking submit feed
  8. Check if there were any warnings or errors after the feed has been processed

Steps 5 - 8 are optional and only to make sure nothing went wrong when submitting the feed.

Instead of steps 1 - 4, you can also list a single product directly from the edit product page using the admin toolbar.

Note: In order to create  new products on Amazon, you need to use a category specific feed template in your listing profile - the generic Listing Loader template can only be used to update existing products.

Other Resources

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