There were some errors when processing my feed. Can you help me fix them?

There were some errors when processing my feed. Can you help me fix them?

We will gladly help you to explain and fix any errors that might appear when submitting a feed. To make this process easier, you should send the problematic feed to WP Lab support. Start by visiting the "Feeds" page of WP-Lister. On that page, locate the feed (you can also use the search bar to search for a particular SKU), mouse over the feed, and click the "Details" link. 

You will now see a page with 3 tabs: Feed Content, Processing Report and Support.

The Feed Content section shows the column headers and the values that were sent to Amazon's system.

The Processing Report will show you any errors or warnings that you may have received from Amazon only if the report has finished processing. Hint: Check out Amazon's PDF Marketplace Feeds - Error Codes for further details on all the processing errors. If you're just getting started with WP-Lister for Amazon, you might want to download that PDF and keep it as a quick reference.

If you have successfully listed products to Amazon, you will see a summary such as this:

Feed Processing Summary: 	
Number of records processed		1 	
Number of records successful		1

The Support tab will allow you to send all this information directly to WP Lab support via email so we can examine both the feed and the results properly and reply back to you. Simply click the "Support" tab, enter your name and email, try to briefly describe the problem, then click "Send to Support".

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