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Which products details are supposed to go in the listing profile and which should be entered on the edit product page?

Everything that is the same for some or all of your products, should be set in your listing profile - and everything that is unique for a particular product should be set on the product level.

Can I override listing profile settings for a single product?

Yes, eBay settings that are enabled in the product page of WooCommerce will always override the listing profile settings.

You can provide custom settings for certain products rather than creating a new listing profile for a few listings. We recommend that you consider creating more listing profiles if there are several listings that would require a custom modification on the product page. The reason for this is if you need to modify that custom option in the future, it becomes time consuming to modify each page for several products.

With multiple listing profiles you can update the listing profile triggering WP-Lister to revise all listings assigned to that listing profile. For information on what product details are updated to eBay and how they are updated, give this documentation a read: Locked vs Unlocked Listings

Overriding prices

By default, a custom price set in the "Price / Start Price" field in the product page takes precedence over any other price in WP-Lister or WooCommerce for your eBay price.

But if you set a price modification in the "Price / Start Price" field of the listing profile (more on this below), those modifications will not have an effect on your custom price set in the product page. To have your listing profile price modification applied to your custom eBay price set in the product page, you will need to enable the "Apply profile to eBay price" setting on the advanced settings page of WP-Lister.

Listing profile "Price / Start Price" field

In the listing profile you can set a price in the "Price / Start Price" field. Any listing assigned to this listing profile will use that price.

You can use a % or fixed amount to increase or decrease the eBay price. For example, entering "+5%" would take the WooCommerce price and add 5% to the price when listing the item to eBay. "-5%" would reduce the price 5% when listing to eBay. 

But these options won't work if you have set a price in the "Price / Start Price" field in the product page. Because remember, the product page settings always override the listing profile settings. This is a scenario where the "Apply profile to eBay price" setting can be used allowing the price modification set in the listing profile to be applied to the "Price / Start Price" field in the product page.

eBay Seller Profiles

When using eBay seller profiles, also known as eBay policies:

What are eBay Seller Profiles?
How to use eBay Profiles

... in WP-Lister for eBay, policies will always override any other settings set in WP-Lister. For example, you provide "30" in the "Returns within" setting in the listing profile, but you also provide a policy from eBay in the "Return Policy" field of the listing profile. eBay will ignore that "Returns within" setting and use the return policy you assigned from eBay. Keep this in mind when using eBay policies.

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