About locked vs unlocked listings

How does “locking items” work?

Only items that were imported using the importer add-on are locked by default. Listings that were created in WP-Lister are unlocked, but you can lock single or multiple items at WP-Lister -> Listings using the bulk actions drop down – or you can lock or unlock all your products on the tools page.

What does it mean when an item is “locked”?

“Locked listings” will have their inventory status – ie. price and quantity – updated  instantly when you update a product in WooCommerce. All other details – like the listing title or description – will remain unchanged. Only imported listings are locked by default.

And how does it work for “unlocked” items?

When you update an unlocked listing in WooCommerce that is currently published on eBay, WP-Lister will mark the listing as changed and will prompt you to revise all changed items. This extra step is required as this revision process is much slower than only updating the inventory status – and it provides an extra “safety net” allowing you to change your profile or template and first revise a few listings only to confirm that your changes achieve the desired result before you revise all listings which can take hours if you haven thousands of products.

When should I unlock a locked item?

You need to unlock a listing if you want WP-Lister to change your profile or update your listing template on eBay.

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