How to use eBay Shipping Profiles

Business Policies

eBay shipping profiles are part of eBay's Business Policies also known as Seller Profiles. As an eBay seller, you can opt into eBay's Business Policies if you haven't already. Once opted in, you are able to:

  • Choose your business policies instead of entering your payment, shipping, and return details every time you list.
  • Easily update your policies across multiple listings—instead of changing each listing individually, update the policy and then all the listings that use it update automatically.
  • Save time if you list frequently. Even if you list once in a while, try out business policies while we pilot them.
  • At any time, opt out until they're available to everyone.

What are Shipping Profiles

Shipping profiles allow you to set your shipping rates, calculated and/or flat rate for both domestic and/or international, and save them for future use in other listings. eBay will automatically save your shipping settings as a profile if eBay sees the shipping options are different than a previous setup. When you sell a variety of products, with a variety of dimensions and weights, globally, shipping profiles can be very useful. 

Where Are My Shipping Profiles?

Shipping profiles are part of eBay's business policies.The first thing you need to do is make sure your eBay account is approved for business policies. When eBay released their business policies, some sellers were automatically opted in, the rest were not. When you are on your eBay account highlight Account, if you don't see Business Policies under Account, you are not opted in and will need to either call eBay or fill out the form for approval here Business Policies Opt In Form. The screenshot below shows what Account section you should be looking for on eBay. Note: the screenshot does not show Business Policies (this seller is already opted into the business policies program)

Once you have opted in, highlight Account and click Business policies. You should end up on a page like this:

Here you can create new policies, change the assignment of listings in policies, delete policies, and revise policies.Once you have your shipping profiles the way you want them, go back to WP-Lister, refresh your account details by browsing to eBay > Settings > Account > Refresh Details. After you have refreshed your account, your new/revised shipping profiles will now show up when choosing shipping profiles within listing profiles.

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