Can I run the import every day or week to add new items from eBay?

Unfortunately this is not what this plugin is designed for. It is designed for migrating all items from eBay to WooCommerce once – and let WP-Lister Pro for eBay take care of managing and syncing items from that point on.

You can run the import as often as you like – until you are satisfied with the result. In “clean import” mode all previously imported products will be removed on each new run – but while in “only new items” mode all previously imported listings will be skipped and only non existing listings are imported. 

So you can work on the new site while new listings are added on eBay – but once you go live, you need to use WP-Lister for eBay to create new listings and keep the inventory in sync (Pro only), which requires all product changes and inventory updates to be applied in WooCommerce.

If you are currently using an inventory update system which pushes updates to eBay, you need to find another system to push these updates to WooCommerce instead. See the related article about CSV import plugins below.

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