Updating Min/Max Prices From CSV

When updating min./max. prices using a CSV import plugin you have to click the "Update Min/Max Prices" button on the developer tools page after the import process has finished to notify WP-Lister about the changed prices. That button will process the changes and automatically trigger a Price & Quantity feed for all products with changed prices.

Technical Details

In order to update min/max prices on Amazon, WP-Lister must send a  Price & Quantity Feed, because the usual listing data feeds don't have columns for min/max prices.

WP-Lister has to keep track of both statuses for both feed submissions, which is why there are two status columns in the  wp_amazon_listings table:

  • the normal status column which is usually "online" but will trigger a new listing data feed when set to "changed", and
  • the pnq_status column, which defaults to 0 and will trigger a new Price & Quantity feed when set to 1.

When you update min/max prices from within WP-Lister - either using the "min/max wizard" tool or entering prices manually, the  pnq_status will be set to "1" and a new Price & Quantity feed will be generated and submitted (at which time the status is changed to "2").

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