Can I update my inventory from a CSV file?

Yes, you can. WP-Lister for Amazon currently supports these CSV import plugins: (paid) (free) (free) (free)

Updating an existing product from a CSV file will be very much like updating the product manually in WooCommerce: The listing will be marked as changed and a new listing data feed will be generated. 

Can I import Amazon specific fields like listing title, start price or condition description from CSV as well?

WP-Lister uses  the following custom meta fields to store the information you see in the “Amazon options” box on the edit product page:


Please refer to the documentation for your CSV import tool of choice for details on how to import custom post meta fields.

For example, if you use the  Product CSV Import Suite by WooThemes, according to their documentation you'll have to prefix custom meta fields with "meta:", so to import UPCs/EANs from a CSV file you would use the following column header:


Exporting Orders

When WP-Lister for Amazon creates an order in WooCommerce, it stores the Amazon Order ID in a custom meta field called _wpla_amazon_order_id.

If you export this column, you'll have the order ID information for each order which will allow you to filter all Amazon sales in a spreadsheet application for example.

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