Amazon Error 99003: Missing a required value...

When listing variable products - for example a shirt if different sizes - you might encounter this error:
Error 99003: Missing a required value for the specified theme variant.: [size_name = null], [variation-theme = “Size”].

In this case, you need to:

  1. open your listing profile
  2. find the template field size_name using the search box
  3. click the magnifier icon next to the field
  4. select your “Size” product attribute

If your shirt comes in different colors as well, do the same for the field  color_name where you assign your "Color" attribute.

Please not that if your variation attributes are different from the officially allowed attributes - like "Colour" or "Package Size" - you need to tell WP-Lister which WooCommerce attribute to map to which Amazon attribute on the advanced settings page.

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