How to enable Out Of Stock Control?

WP-Lister for eBay 2.0 supports the new eBay  Out of Stock Control Option - which means that you're able to keep a listing active on eBay even when the stock level reaches zero. This saves you the trouble of relisting the item when it's back in stock again, but what's probably the greatest advantage of using this feature is the fact that your Item IDs won't change anymore so you keep your rankings.

If you have already enabled the Out Of Stock Control option on eBay, you still need to let WP-Lister know that you have activated it.

For version 2.0.9 and above: visit the WP-Lister accounts page (eBay -> Settings -> Account) and click "Update".

For version 2.0.8 and below: visit the WP-Lister accounts page (eBay -> Settings -> Account), click "Edit" and set the "Out Of Stock Control" option to "active".

This will make WP-Lister revise out of stock listings instead of ending them, and it will not mark listings as "sold" when the last unit was sold on eBay. Instead, those will remain "published".

Please note that only Good 'Til Canceled (GTC) listings are eligible to use Out Of Stock Control. Non-GTC items will still be ended when they become out of stock.

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