The eBay Markdown Manager

The Markdown Manager is an exclusive feature to eBay Shops subscribers that allows them to schedule discounts and sales on your items.

Unfortunately, we can only recommend against using the Markdown Manager on listings that are managed through WP-Lister as your sales would be disabled when an item is revised from WP-Lister. This is not a limitation of WP-Lister itself, but rather of the eBay API.

As eBay states in their  Markdown Manager guidelines:

Revising the item price and/or postage cost for an item (...) removes the item from a sale.
So if you have WP-Lister for Amazon installed and get a sale from Amazon, WP-Lister for eBay would receive a notification that this particular product was changed - and it will revise the eBay listing, which will disable the sale. The same will happen when you revise the listing manually.
Generally, you're not supposed to make any changes directly on eBay when you're using WP-Lister. Using the Markdown Manager to create sales is just one of those changes that will get overwritten when the listing is revised.

Instead, you should adjust your prices within WP-Lister (using profiles) or WooCommerce itself. There are various CSV import plugins which can help you update your regular and sale prices in WooCommerce directly, so your listings would still be show up as on sale if the Strikethrough Price profile option is enabled.

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