How will the importer extract item descriptions from a predesigned listing template?

The importer add-on contains a set of tools to process and clean your items description.

To extract the actual product description text from the HTML template, the importer allows you to define multiple “cut in” and “cut out” points that you can use to let it know where your description begins and where it ends.

Additionally, you can (and should) let the importer strip all html tags except for a list of allowed tags. You’ll probably want to keep simple tags for line breaks, paragraphs and bold or italics like  <br><p><b><i> – but you don’t want to keep all those <font><span> or<div> tags containing hardcoded formatting styles which will only mess up your WooCommerce theme.

If that’s not enough you can define multiple search and replace rules to be applied to the description as well.

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