Does the plugin import shipping methods and fees?

When importing products from eBay, the importer does store shipping methods and other options with each created product – but unfortunately WooCommerce does not support individual shipping options on the product level. 

Instead, WooCommerce requires you to create shipping classes and assign these to your products – a task which the importer can’t possibly do – unless you have the Per Product Shipping extension for WooCommerce installed.

Shipping on eBay vs shipping in WooCommerce

It should be noted that shipping methods and options work entirely different on eBay and WooCommerce, so it’s technically impossibly to recreate every possible shipping setup from eBay in WooCommerce. 

Furthermore, which shipping methods are available on either platform depends on different prerequisites: For example, shipping via UPS is only available on  some eBay sites like eBay US – while in WooCommerce you need to purchase an install the UPS shipping extension to use it at all, but once you have installed it you can use UPS in your WooCommerce site even if your eBay site does not support it.

Calculated shipping fees

If you’re already using  calculated shipping on eBay, you’re lucky as all you need to do is to install the required WooCommerce shipping extension(s) like UPS at set it up. The importer does import weight and dimensions from eBay to WooCommerce, so any WooCommerce extension that calculates shipping cost based on weight, dimensions and shipping address should use the same rates as eBay does.

Flat shipping fees

If you’re using  flat shipping on eBay though, you will either have to manually recreate your shipping setup in WooCommerce – using global shipping classes, which is a reasonable solution only if most products have the same shipping fees – or you have to install the Per Product Shipping extension which adds individual shipping fees for individual products as a feature to WooCommerce. In that case you will have to run another clean import after you installed and activated that extension because per product shipping information is stored in custom database tables which do not exist before activating the extension.

However, even with the Per Product Shipping extension installed, WooCommerce is still only able to store a single shipping fee per country. So if you're currently offering standard and expedited shipping services for your items on eBay using flat fees per country, the importer will only be able to store the fee for standard shipping for each country in WooCommerce. The option for expedited shipping (with higher fees) will not be available in WooCommerce.

eBay Shipping Profiles

Please note that the importer can only import flat shipping fees to WooCommerce if these were actually set for a particular listing. If you use shipping discount profiles on eBay to define or modify your flat shipping fees, these altered fees will be not be imported to WooCommerce. As all other eBay seller profiles, they will still show up in WP-Lister and are applied when revising the listing on eBay.

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