My feed was processed without errors – but my products don’t show up on Amazon

What if there were no feed processing errors – but the products don’t show up on Amazon?

In this case, you should contact  Amazon Seller Support – there might very well be something wrong in their catalog which can only be fixed on their end.

You can contact Seller Support via email, phone or chat – they are available from 5am-6pm pacific time for Amazon US. Phone and chat will get you a quick response by first level support and if they can’t help you they will forward you to phone with a specialist.

While most products appear within minutes after a feed was processed, it  can take up to 24h for a product to show because Amazon is running internal checks on products before they go online. Some items might have restrictions or have been blocked in the past – in that case, they might show up in seller central but not on the Amazon website.

You might also want to read the Feed Processing FAQ on

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