Image URLs, SSL and eBay

Since I enabled SSL for my site, I get this "Error: ExternalPictureURL server not available (21916543)" and my images are not uploaded anymore. How can I fix this?

You probably have SSL enabled for your whole site and you automatically redirect all non-SSL traffic to the SSL version. (ie. http:// is automatically redirected to https:// by your server).

While this generally works with all browsers, eBay isn’t able to process image URLs starting with https://. They require the image to be available without SSL, which is why WP-Lister replaces "https" with "http" itself, but this can’t work if your server refuses to deliver the image without SSL and always redirects to the SSL version.

You should contact your hosting provider – or the person who set up SSL on your site – and tell them to exclude static URLs (like .jpg images) from the forced redirect. While forcing SSL for all dynamic content like pages does make sense, static content like images should be accessible with SSL and without SSL alike – it’s generally considered best practice.

Alternatively you can visit the developer settings page and set the EPS transfer mode option to "active". This will send the image data directly to eBay, instead of sending an URL where eBay downloads the image from.

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