How to send a log record to Support

I’m getting some error while trying to list or to verify an item. What should I do?

WP-Lister can log all communication with eBay to the database. These log records can be sent to our support staff with only a few clicks.

To enable the logging feature, you have to follow these steps:

  1. visit WP-Lister -> Settings -> Developer
  2. change “Log to database” to “Yes”
  3. click “Save Settings”
  4. now, you’ll see a new WP-Lister subpage called “Log” – and WP-Lister will log all communication with eBay
  5. repeat the verify action that produces the error now…
  6. visit “Log” – you should see the new log entry
  7. open this log entry by clicking on the request name (“VerifyAddItem” in this case)
  8. click “send to support” in the top right of the just opened window

Steps 1-4 have do be done only once to activate logging. After that, it’s quite simple.

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