Getting started with Listing Profiles

What is a “listing profile” in WP-Lister?

Profiles in WP-Lister work as a general template of various configuration options which are applied when preparing listings. Profiles can also be used to modify an item’s price and title: you can append and prepend text to your title and you can increase or decrease your prices – by a fixed amount or by percentage – or map product attributes to eBay item specifics and more.

How do I get started with listing profiles?

You should first starting with one profile – once that doesn’t throw any errors and achieves the desired result when you list a new product with it you can duplicate and modify the profile for other products which require different options.

If you don’t want to run into the limitations and restrictions that eBay puts on listing clothing and/or variations, then just start with a “simple” product – no clothing or variations. This will allow you to concentrate on the basic settings and options.

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