Can I manually relist an item on the eBay website?

You shouldn’t do this, as relisting an item will change it’s ID and WP-Lister might fail to import transactions for the new item properly. You should use WP-Lister’s relist feature instead.

If you have already relisted some items manually on, please make sure that you click the “Update all published items” button in WP-Lister afterwards and tick all the checkboxes on your ended items (ideally by selecting the “ended” link and ticking the top checkbox to select all) and choose “update details from eBay” from the bulk actions drop down.

This will make WP-Lister fetch the current status and details from eBay for all selected items – which at this time still have the old eBay IDs from before they were relisted. That’s why doing so, you’ll see a message that WP-Lister has found manually relisted items and it wants you to update their details again. Yes, again – because the first run only let WP-Lister know “The item X has bee relisted and its new ID is now Y.” and only the second run will update the new item’s details.

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