License Activation and Deactivation

To activate your license please login to your WordPress site and visit WP-Lister -> Settings -> Updates.  Enter your license key and license email in the fields provided and hit the blue “Update license” button.

A single site license can only be activated on one site or domain at the same time. However, you can deactivate your license any time from within the plugin or your account and activate it on a different domain.

To quickly see all your purchased licenses and which sites they are currently activated on, simply log in to your account at

You will also be able to deactivate your license for any specific site / domain from your account by clicking the "Delete" button below the plugin at the link above - this comes in handy if you activated your license on a development site which doesn't exist anymore. 

If you are having issues activating a license, please try deleting the license activation as explained above, then try activating the license again.

When you activate your license for the first time, make sure that you enter the email address you used to purchase the plugin. This license email address needs to be the same as the email address that is assigned to your account on 

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