Business Prices and Quantity Discounts (B2B)

WP-Lister for Amazon supports business (B2B) prices since version 0.7.25. If your Amazon seller account is enabled for B2B pricing, you can enable B2B support in WP-Lister's settings on the advanced settings page:

Enabling this option will enable dedicated B2B price fields on the edit product page, and load B2B feed templates for Amazon UK and DE.

Once you have enabled B2B support, you will find an additional business price field on the edit product page in WooCommerce:

If you want to use B2B templates, which include additional columns for bulk pricing, please enable this option first and then update your feed templates on the category settings page.

Once you have updated your feed templates, you will see additional B2B fields in the profile editor:

Future versions of WP-Lister for Amazon will allow you to view the BuyBox price for B2B sellers within WP-Lister as well as get notified about pricing changes. This implementation is planned for the first half of 2022.

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