How to use the SKU Generator

Amazon requires that each product listed has a unique SKU. WP-Lister for Amazon includes an SKU Generator tool which will allow you to add SKUs to your products that currently have no SKU assigned. You can find the tool at Amazon > Tools > SKU Generator within WP-Lister.

How to Use the SKU Generator

There are two ways to generate SKUs using the SKU Generator:

  1. You can regenerate SKUs for selected products manually by ticking the checkboxes on the products you want to process and then select "Generate new SKUs" in the bulk action drop down menu. This will work on all selected products, regardless of whether they currently have SKUs or not, or whether they're currently listed on Amazon or not.

    Please use this option carefully: You do not want to change the SKUs of any products which are already listed on Amazon. If you do, this will result in an "SKU mismatch" error.
  2. The second (recommended) option to use the SKU Generator is to click the button "Generate all missing SKUs". This will add SKUs only to products which currently have no SKU.

SKU Generator Options

You'll find various options on the SKU Generator page, which allow you to control how exactly your SKUs will be generated, based on the product title and attributes:

Example: A product title of "T-Shirt - The Big Bang Theory" would become "TSTBBT" using the first letter of every word.

Example: A green XL shirt with the parent SKU "TS" could become TS-GREEN-XL or TS-GRE-XL or TS-GR-XL or TS-G-X or TS-1234.

Example: Convert SKU: a52joer22 to A52JOER22.

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