Known Issues With GoDaddy Web Hosting

How Many Files Can A Shared GoDaddy Hosting Plan Hold?

GoDaddy is a popular hosting choice for many website owners. Users of WP-Lister have seen issues while using GoDaddy hosting, especially on their cheaper plans. Recently a user of WP-Lister that has their site hosted on a particularly cheap GoDaddy ("Web Hosting") plan had their entire site shut down without warning due to the fact that WP-Lister for eBay contains a single folder which contains more than 1200 files. Unlike other hosts allowing at least 50,000 files in the same folder, GoDaddy's Web Hosting plans only allow 1,024 files per folder!

GoDaddy refused to make any exception to this problem, and the user had to ask for an extension to rectify the issue. GoDaddy gave this particular user less than a week to rectify the issue or else their site would be shut down again. Details about this particular limitation can be found in their FAQ/KB:

The issue in this particular case was caused by the collection of eBay SDK classes which are all in folder /includes/EbatNs/. The eBay SDK classes are not maintained by us at WP Lab and it's impossible for us to put some of them in sub folders. We simply include them in WP-Lister, and they have to be updated (replaced by a new version) periodically.

Known Issues Caused From GoDaddy File Limit & Images
If your website contains over 200 images, Wordpress will create 2 more sizes of each image, and if you use an image plugin like Imsanity to reduce image quality or size, these plugins can create 2-3 more files. If you have 200 images with 6 different sizes, you will already reach 1200 files which will put you over the 1,024 nodes per folder limit which is why we strongly recommend WP-Lister users to avoid the Web hosting plans offered by GoDaddy.
If you are currently using GoDaddy's Web Hosting plans and are looking to use WP-Lister we strongly recommend moving to another host or upgrading to the following GoDaddy hosting plans:
  • Linux Hosting with cPanel
  • Managed WordPress
The following GoDaddy plans will not work with WP-Lister:
  • Web Hosting
  • Windows Hosting with Plesk
If you are paying less than $5 per month for your webspace - a service that is the foundation of your online business - we urge you to reconsider your priorities as soon as possible. Once something bad happens, often times it is too late and migrating your site to another server or provider under pressure is a very unpleasant experience, which is why even a $5 per month plan shouldn't be considered for any WooCommerce site.
Our recommendation would be to switch to WP Engine hosting right away, but if you prefer to stay with GoDaddy, you will need to upgrade to one of the plans mentioned above.
GoDaddy Shared Hosting PHP Memory Limits
GoDaddy's shared hosting plans also limit your PHP memory which can cause an issue if you need to increase your PHP memory limit when using WP-Lister or our Import from eBay to Woocommerce plugin. PHP memory limits for GoDaddy's Web & Classic shared hosting plans are as follows:
Web - Default - 32MB Max - 128MB
You can find more information about PHP memory limits here -
How to  increase the file upload size on GoDaddy
Another frequent issue with GoDaddy seems to be the limitation on uploading media files. If you get the error message "the uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini" trying yo upload images to your WordPress media library, please check out the following article which explains how to increase that limitation the easy way:
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