Amazon Error 8560: Creation of a new ASIN requires...

The error messages returned by Amazon can often be confusing, at times even misleading. 

A perfect example is the  Error 8560 which looks like this: 

SKU #######, Missing Attributes standard_product_id,missing_keyset_reason. SKU ####### does not match any ASIN. Creation of a new ASIN requires the following missing attributes: standard_product_id,missing_keyset_reason. Feed ID: 0. For details, see
At first, it looks like your feed would be missing some required data - but there are no columns called  standard_product_id or  missing_keyset_reason in any product feed. In fact, what Amazon means is the external_product_id field, which is where your UPC or EAN should be when you create new products on Amazon.
Assuming that you did enter a UPC or EAN and it does actually show in the external_product_id column in your feed, this message is Amazon's way of telling you that your EAN or UPC  is incorrect
So if you see this error, please double check your UPC / EAN and correct any invalid numbers. There are plenty of UPC and EAN validators online which will tell you right away if your number is valid or not.

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