Unknown Text In Description or Blank Description on eBay

By default WP-Lister runs your product description through the usual WordPress content filters which enable you to use shortcodes in your product descriptions in WooCommerce. 

It might be required to disable this default behavior if a plugin or theme causes trouble - like loading a blank description on eBay or adding unwanted HTML such as "This is a preview of . Read the full post (144 words, estimated 35 secs reading time)" to your description on eBay.

The Shortcode Processing option

To control whether WP-Lister should treat your product description like any other WordPress content - or rather use it "as is" - you can use the Shortcode Processing setting, which can be found on the page WP-Lister > Settings > Advanced.

It has the following options available:

  • Off
  • Only in product description (default)
  • In description and listing template

Enable this if you want to use WordPress shortcodes in your product description or your listing template - but disable it if you encounter any issues with your listing description which are caused by a 3rd party plugin or theme.

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