Can I link one WooCommerce product to multiple Amazon listings?

We understand that the same product is often listed multiple times on Amazon and as a seller you would like to have stock for each of those listings to ensure that when the buyer does buy the product he buys it from you. Unfortunately, that's not possible with WP-Lister for Amazon - at least not using a single WooCommerce product.

The SKU is the central key identifier which links a WooCommerce product and an Amazon listing. In order to have the same product listed as two different ASINs on Amazon, you'd need two different SKUs - but a WooCommerce product can only have one SKU.

While a future version of WP-Lister for Amazon will be able to store multiple ASINs for the same product - which might be necessary if you list it on different amazon sites - there is no way to make it work with multiple SKUs per product. And that's exactly what you would need in order to list the same product twice on the same site / account

The only workaround would be to create multiple products in WooCommerce, with different SKUs, and link each one to a different ASIN. That would also allow you to split the stock equally to avoid overselling (which would also be a serious problem if you could link one product to multiple ASINs).

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