Multiple Amazon sites and currencies

WP-Lister for Amazon be used to list on different Amazon sites already, but there is no support for multiple currencies yet - so the sites you connect WP-Lister to should use the same currency as your use in WooCommerce.

Future versions of WP-Lister will feature an automatic currency conversion option based on exchange rates that could be updated manually or automatically. Until that is implemented, the only workaround to list your products on different Amazon sites using different currencies is to use a listing profile to apply a relative change (percentage) to match your target currency.

If your product have been matched they won't have a listing profile by default. For those products you have to create a profile using the Listing Loader feed template. You can keep the default profile configuration and only adjust the price in the right sidebar. The Listing Loader template is a generic feed template which works with all categories - but it can only be used to update existing items, and not to list new items. 

To update exchange rates you will have to update each profile to adjust prices on Amazon. When you update a listing profile (even without making any actual changes), the status of all items using this profile will be set to changed - which will trigger an updated feed being submitted according to the scheduled update interval.

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